Rack n’ Wraps Elk Antler / Steer Stick

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Product Description

BarknBig RacknWraps bring a twist to the popular and long lasting Elk Antlers. A 12″ Beef Steer Stick wrapped around a Grade A Elk Antler. The Steer Sticks adhere to the porous antler making it a very difficult strip. During the dehydration process, all the natural juices from the steer stick sink into the antler making it much more palatable and entices them to continue chewing the antler long after the steer stick has been removed, making a long-lasting chew last even longer with more functionality and undeniable flavor!

Grade A, Rocky Mountain Antlers means these antlers have been collected from natural sheds in a reasonable amount of time so they have not been made brittle by sitting out in the sun for too long . The edges have been sanded to make sure there are not any dangerous edges that can do damage.

Elk Antlers are very beneficial for dogs for a few reasons:

  • They help clean the teeth with all the edges. When dogs chew on this product it scrapes plaque and tartar from the surface of their teeth.
  • Long lasting and durable


  • Weight: 5 oz

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